Group photo of Reading charity CCI and Karen Morton chair of Reading Area Charities Together


Contributing to the community through voluntary activities – Reading Area Charities Together

RACT is a group of charities who raise funds together and receive donations from Local Giving and Payroll Giving.

Recently, in my role as Chair of RACT, I presented a cheque to the South Reading charity ‘Care Cultural Integration (CCI)‘ Women’s group (Agaseke). The Chair of the women’s group (Agaseke) gratefully received the donation. She explained that the group mainly comprises Rwandan Refugees living in Reading. They support each other and their families in times of hard times but also in times of happiness. Many of the women involved are on their own with their children. Over the years they have helped each other with childcare so that they can work or train, for example as nurses and social workers. Margaret also described how new families are helped to settle, with schools and signposting to find work and advice.

Providing opportunities for children, young people and women to live healthier lifestyles and integrate into communities

Deputy Mayor Councillor Glenn Dennis presented a cheque to the CCI Children’s Group. He praised Care Cultural Integration (CCI) for their work with children/young people and women. Mr Dennis was impressed by the way the women supported each other and their families despite their challenges. He said “When a community works together and everyone works to promote and support each other it gives a good example to the young”.

I was delighted to be part of the gathering. It was an honour to meet some of the women and children involved. Seeing the real benefits to local families from the work of Reading Area Charities Together, made us feel even more committed to encouraging local people to give locally.

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