What we do: Facilitation

The Capability Company will create an event designed to energise and build your charity, business or partnership using real issues as the material. This might be a focus on strategy, such as visioning the future; or operational issues, such as internal communications. Such a day is often an excellent way of engaging all parts of an organisation in business or strategic planning.

“I thought you did an excellent job yesterday. It was lively, got people working together, identified the challenges and issues more clearly and moved us forward. Well done!”
Public / voluntary sector partnership

“All participants were incredibly impressed at Karen’s skill in keeping us on track, helping us to develop ideas in a creative way and helping build trust. Since the residential, we have made some major steps in developing a shared understanding of where we’re going. I have no doubt that Karen’s input was instrumental in achieving this.”

“Thanks for the session yesterday, it was really useful and illuminating in more ways than one.  We all felt the day had been worthwhile and we would never have been able to get this level of clarity without your help.  We have a tendency to digress and felt that you did a really good job of keeping things on track in a way that didn’t make people feel bad.” Autangel





“Debate really opened up the issues”