What we do: Coaching and external supervision

The Capability Company offers individual, confidential, focussed support for anyone who would benefit from the full attention of a skilled coach.

Coaching can help performance and impact by, for example:-

  • focussing on a particular outcome or improvement
  • building confidence and clear thinking
  • providing support to find a clear path through multiple demands and information overload
  • helping to make sense of an increasingly complex world.

We offer a flexible approach which can include face-to-face or telephone sessions, or a blend of both, which can include evenings if that is best for a crowded diary.


Coaching can be effective without specific contextual knowledge.  But you might prefer to know that a coach understands the world you work in.

Our extensive experience gives us familiarity with the realities of leading charities, multi-agency partnerships, and being a social entrepreneur.

  • Charity Chief Executives can find themselves managing upwards as well as downwards, with no truly independent support for themselves.
  • Charity Chairs can be tasked with leading fellow trustees with diverse backgrounds and expectations and line-managing the Chief Executive.
  • Chairs of multi-agency or cross-sector partnerships often juggle different interests within a changing strategic context, knowing that effective partnerships can be essential to delivering improvements and opportunities, and that ineffective partnerships can waste valuable time.
  • Social entrepreneurs are the driving force behind an initiative or project. Clarity and confidence can be essential to success, but vision must be aligned with practicalities.

We understand that the environment is becoming increasingly complex, expectations increase as resources decrease, and that the pace of change can be difficult to navigate.

Independent chairing, small group coaching and external supervision.

Sometimes it is helpful to ask someone independent to help with decision-making or moving forward action plans. We have extensive skills and experience in this arena.

What next?

We would love to hear from you.

If you would like to have an initial (gratis) conversation about how we could help, just drop us a line, or call us.

“Karen was great in helping work through some organisational change issues. She really listened, asked very useful questions and gave just the right amount of insightful feedback.”

Coaching Client