Helping you to make a difference: working with organisations, partnerships and individuals.

The Capability Company is skilled and experienced at chairing, coaching and facilitation for public bodies, consortia and the voluntary sector.

And we know about setting up and running charities and partnerships.

We ‘support positive change’ through:

Charity trustees weighing up money for charitable funding on weighing scales

A Philanthropic Anomaly: Giving with one hand and taking away with the other

A charitable trust announces a funding round focussed on a particular, fairly narrow, cause. Pretty much every charity working in that field (mostly small ones) scratches their head, bites their pencil, fiddles with a spreadsheet and submits an application. I was working with a small charity that applied, and some weeks later found out they… Read more »

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Table with dolls sweets and pens on ready for a facilitation

Thanks for the session yesterday, it was really useful and illuminating in more ways than one.

We all felt the day had been worthwhile and we would never have been able to get this level of clarity without your help.

We have a tendency to digress and felt that you did a really good job of keeping things on track in a way that didn’t make people feel bad.

Caroline Hearst, Director