What we do: Development Support

The Capability Company has the experience, contacts and skills to develop new initiatives, organisations and partnerships, including forming new charities.

We also provide management consultancy and support, in different ways, to existing organisations.

Examples of what we have done:-


Setting up new charities, coordinating partnerships, writing business plans, bidding for funds.

For example:-

  • Circles UK: all the leg-work to set up a new body – now an award-winning national crime reduction charity.
  • Escaping Victimhood:   from piloting the programmes to recruiting the first CEO.
  • growingagainstviolence.org.uk:  setting up as a new charitable company and drafting first business plan

Consultancy and support

  • Helping small charities develop strong governance and plan for the future.
  • Funding strategies (and bids).
  • Designing the structure for a new, merged organisation.
  • Project evaluation
  • Coaching


Karen has worked with Escaping Victimhood to establish our sustainability from a pilot project to a nationally recognised charity and company. She is well informed, competent and committed to her tasks and delivers with integrity and enthusiasm. In a difficult area of work she helped steer us through the potential pitfalls of partnerships to gain credibility and recognition for the professional work we deliver. The work would not have been possible without Karen’s commitment and persistence. We continue to work with her when we can and will always be grateful for her contribution to our future and the healing of those who come to us for help.

Tim Newell, Founder