Month: December 2016

Top Tips for Chairing No.24

Years ago I was at a meeting of a local community committee.  It was in someone’s house, and an assortment of seats had been gathered together;  kitchen chairs, comfy chairs, stools etc.   By the time the committee Chair arrived, most of the seats had been taken, and she had to sit on a cushion on the… Read more »

A message from the past

The weekend after the US elections, I had piles of fabrics to sort and pack away from a family wedding.   So I flicked on the TV on the off-chance there might be something interesting to accompany my task.  The film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner was about to start, and given the events of that… Read more »

RACT: Two new wheelchairs to Readibus

As Chair of RACT (Reading Area Charities Together) Karen Morton was delighted to be able to handover two new wheelchairs to Readibus – in the company of the Minister for the Voluntary Sector, Rob Wilson.